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Paestum is a charming touristic village, in the Province of Salerno. It’s the first location, in the north of the Parco Nazionale del Cilento. During the Greek and Roman dominations, this territory was one of the most important center and the importance is remarkable in the remains, until now, visible. The Archeological Area of Paestum is UNESCO Heritage. Agricultural sector is excellence. Paestum is the homeland of Mozzarella di Bufala, delicious product, appreciated in the entire world. The Paestum’s coast is characterized by the presence of a sand beach. This beach extends for 14 km and is protected by the Macchia Mediterranea. The location is full of colors and perfumes. Paestum is one of the most beautiful village of Magna Grecia.

Place to go and free time

The Archeological Site of Paestum, UNESCO Heritage, is an ancient village of Magna Grecia, called like that in honor of sea’s God, Poseidone. The ancient city was composed by different areas: two sacred zones, the northern sanctum and the southern one, where there’s the agora, the political space. Three Dorian temples have landed safely, nowadays. In the Site, there’s the Archeological Museum of Paestum, which contains manufactured features, found in necropolis.  Pictures found are the only example of painting in Magna Grecia. Paestum is also a famous seaside location, with a 14 km sand beach and clear-clean waters.

Recommended restaurants

Known as the homeland of dairy products, Paestum boasts a huge number of agritourism, in his territory. CilentoGuestHouse’s staff wants to indicate Tenuta Vannullo, dairy farm and dealer of dairy products, and Il Granato, where it’s possible to live an experience in strictly contact with the nature. Paestum isn’t just this, but it’s also a place where taste seafood dishes, in restaurants like Nettuno, beachfront. In this territory, tourists could savor traditional dishes, in U Scugnizzo and Biosteria. Both propose a wide variety of savors and farm-to-table products.

Capaccio Paestum