Welcome to Torchiara

The small hamlet of Torchiara is a picturesque old town center built with the local stone surrounded by the showy Mediterranean scrub. Walking along its characteristic old town is a discovery at every corner, thanks to the fascinating rural architecture and the typical aristocratic palaces: it seems to revive in a place where time has stopped. In the small alleys, that cross the center of the village, you can notice the elegant local stone gates and pretty churches. The small medieval town is not far from the most beautiful places in Cilento: only  few kilometers from the historic town and the beautiful beaches of Castellabate and  few minutes from the quaint hamlet of Rocca Cilento. The panorama, between vineyards and centuries-old olive trees, reaches the plain of Paestum and your eyes get lost in the blue sea of ​​the Gulf of Agropoli.

Places to visit 

Torchiara offers his visitors unique experiences: nearby there are in fact several trekking routes and unique naturalistic paths that allow you to cross the suggestive Stella Mount to visit the quaint villages that are on its slopes. The characteristic and ancient medieval village lies on a small promontory that enjoys a panoramic view on the beautiful Agropoli and Cilento Coast.

Recommended Restaurants

To delight  your palate there are many possibilities. On  the half-hill area you can find Santomiele, the most appreciated companies  in Cilento for its production of  candies of the Mediterranean Diet and  figs of Cilento. Inside there is an educational workshop, in which  you can enjoy its hand-crafted products. Another experience that you can’t miss is the wine route: from Laureana you can reach the most renowned wineries in Cilento, that are Cantina Barone, Alfonso Rotolo and De Conciliis. As Restaurant we suggest Lamione and Nerodivino in Torchiara and Osteria da Ersilia in Perito. Don’t forget to taste the great artisan ice-cream at Di Matteo bar in Torchiara with its international renown.