Welcome in Ascea

Ascea, from Greek a place without shadow, is a modern touristic village on Cilento Coast. The wonderful seaside resort boasts a long sand beach and hills, covered with centuries-old olive trees, which reach the sea. Ascea is a coveted destination for sea and nature lovers and enables to live amazing experiences in strictly contact with nature. The beach is protected by the macchia mediterranea and is bounded by the Punta del Telegrafo’s reef, to the south. This cliff is characterized by a sequence of coves and creeks, including Baia d’Argento and Baia della Rondinella, achievable by sea. The crystal-clear waters are awarded Bandiera Blu, several times. The sandbanks are perfects to swim and to take up sporting activities. It’s possible to rent boats and to take a trip, moving into the virgin reef between Ascea Marina and Pisciotta. The ecosystem allows to relax in strictly contact with the nature. Ascea is not just sea and beach. The inland is reachable by the sea area. The old town is dominated by the impressive Palazzo Ricci,  17th century building of undeniable beauty. In inland, it’s possible to find the old medieval town of Catona, Terradura and Mandia. The Santuario della Madonna del Carmine, in Catona, benefits from a great allure.It’s the most scenic point of Ascea. Ascea is also an historic and cultural place and the Archeological Area of Elea-Velia is the reference point for who loves this kind of experience. The site is easily remarkable thanks to the medieval tower, which dominates and saves ancient remains.

Place to go and free time

In Ascea, it’s essential to visit the Archeological Area of Elea-Velia, UNESCO Heritage, and crown jewel of the fishing village. The wonderful town encloses at its core charm, history and culture. The Archeological Site keeps the memory of the ancient Focea’s culture. Known as one of the most important archeological area of Campania, Elea-Belia is divided into three centers, the southern block, the northern block and the Acropolis, where it’s possible to see the famous Porta Rosa, the only example of Magna Grecia’s rounded arc. The coastal zone offers a majestic sand beach and a suggestive reef, characterized by coves and little sand and rocky beaches, reachable by sea. The most famous beach is Porticello, protected by Torre del Telegrafo, ancient tower which dominates the reef. Excursions by sea, exploring the coves, is a stunning experience to live once in life. From Porticello beach, it’s possible to rent little boats, with or without skipper, and to enjoy a wonderful daytime in Fiumicello beach. The sound of the waves, breaking on the shore, is king. To return later in the day, it’s a show to not be missed. It’s also possible to visit hiking routes on the reef and to look up the sun goes down, giving to tourists a stunning landscape, one of the most beautiful in the world. There are also a huge number of route trekking, bike-trekking and virgin beaches, perfects for surfers.

Recommended restaurants

Ascea offers to visitors the opportunity to taste fresh seafood to everyone’s taste. Between a huge number of restaurants, it’s possible to find the Lido Sciabecco, sophisticated wooden restaurant, beachfront, which proposes famous traditional dishes, thanks to the fine dining. Others restaurants, beachfront, are Lido Poseidonia, known for the production of sushi and for the happy hours; the Bahía Beach Club, fine lounge bar, and La Scogliera,  trattoria and ancient fishing shelter, beachfront the wonderful reef. Between restaurants, which offer meat main menu, it’s essential to indicate the agritourism La Fattoria, known as the best symbol of the tradition. The CilentoGuestHouse’s staff also wants to indicate a particular dish, created by the Osteria do Sol, the Bocconcini alla Peppino, delicious nuggets, made from pizza dough and stuffed with eggplants, mozzarella and ham. For a night guided by great food and good music, the Sax Bistrot proposes delicious buns and trenchers of typical products, to go with a good wine. To end the evening, cannot fail a visit to Vanilla Ice, an ice cream parlor, and to Yogurteria, which offers fresh yogurts and delicious crêpes.