Welcome to Agropoli

Agropoli is a wonderful touristic village, in the south of Salerno, to the gates of the Parco Nazionale del Cilento. The crystal clear waters, the wilderness UNESCO heritage, the thousand-years-old history, the culture and the authentic flavors, which could be tasted in alleyways of ancient city, make Agropoli an incredible place to live throughout the year.  Baia di Trentova’s crystal clear waters made it, a seaside resort awarded Bandiera Blu, every year. This award is to recognize cleaned waters and to reward the protection the marine environment. The marina, the biggest of the entire Coast, is the strength of Agropoli, thanks to fishermen and the destination of cruise ships. To marina, it’s possible to be amazed by the amazing skyline. The look get lost in this stunning landscape, which starts from the Old town and comes to sink in the sea, via the touristic area, overlooking the marina, full of typical clubs and cafés. The virgin nature dominates the Trentova e Tresino’s sea area. It’s a prairie of extraordinary natural and landscape value, appreciated by wildlife lovers. Landscape beauties are remarkable, via trekking journeys.

Place to go and free time

Agropoli offers to travelers amazing experiences, thanks to the wonderful old town and the beautiful spiaggia di Trentova. The characteristic and old medieval town is on the top of a little headland which overlooks the entire village, giving to visitors an amazing landscape, starting from the Golfo di Salerno, arriving to the Agropoli’s marina. The medieval old town contains alleyways, picturesque churches and the impressive Castello Aragonese. Starting from the old town, via the stairway closely to the marina, it’s possible to go into the Agropoli’s square, where tourists could find boutiques, artisanal shops and cafés. The marina is reachable by the old town and the square. A few minutes from here, there’s a wonderful and quiet finer sand beach and the shallow waters characterize the landscape.

Recommended restaurants

Agropoli is a landscape masterpiece. The old town, alleyways and the square of the modern village offer the chance to taste, in each angle of Agropoli, Cilento’s savors. Among the different shops, cafés and restaurants, Cilento Guesthouse’s staff recommends two pizzerias U’ Suricin and Il Saraceno. The last one is characteristic to the main room, a fabulous little square, in front of the pizzeria, and to the pizzas, served in thatched baskets. Another amazing experience not to be missed is Pane e Vino, a gorgeous bruschetteria, on the stairway of the old town, where tourists could taste the typical parmigiana.  In the Old Town, don’t miss Il Vecchio Bottaio, lovely restaurants, and Il Bar Nazionale, known for production and  sale of pastries of tradition.


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