Casal Velino

Wecome to Casal Velino

Casal Velino is a little and pretty seaside resort. The little marina and the beaches, close to the center of the village, enable the tourists, who love water sports, like surf, kitesurf, snorkeling, to practice them. The village is very popular in night-time, thanks to the presence of clubs and restaurants, beachfront. The Casalvelino’s seaside is one of the most organized in Cilento, thanks to the huge number of Lidos and of reception facilities, perfect for family holidays. The little village boasts wonderful landscapes. Sand beaches and thousand-year-old olive trees, which connect the inland to the sea and create a natural contradiction of this land. Casalvelino’s climate is mild and offers hot and not sultry summer and cold winter. The marina is in a strategic position, close to the center and attended by fishermen, throughout the year, and represents the starting point for thousand tourists, in summer. The little village, thanks to the naturalistic and suggestive routes, offers the perfect location to hike. In the near village of Ascea, it’s possible to visit the Archeological Site of Elea-Velia, thanks to the private busses, which connect two villages.

Place to go and free time

The old town of Casal Velino, perched on the lush hill, is characteristic and perfectly conserved. The village’s name is born thanks to the huge number of water sources, which, in olden times, fueled aqueduct of Elea-Velia. His origins are connected to the gradual emptying of three pre-existing civilities. The little old town, where it’s possible to visit the remains of the ancient town and the Church of San Michele Arcangelo, has relevance to the architectonic point of view, considering the alleyways of the urbanity. It’s also essential to indicate the presence of different sports associations, which organize competitions, during the summer, in Casal Velino Marina.


Casal Velino benefits from a long food and wine gastronomic tradition.  The presence of restaurants offers a very diverse range of products. It’s possible to taste, in this village, appetizing seafood dishes, in restaurants like Le Tre Sorelle. For who loves different type of tastes, CilentoGuestHouse’s staff recommends La Campagnola, a restaurant and pizzeria, where cordiality and great food rule, and Café al Dente, good ristopub, where it’s possible to taste wines and cilentan food. For oil sommelier, there’s the opportunity to engage an experience into the oil manufacture, Pietra Bianca. To call it a night, don’t miss the Isola Verde, nice café, beachfront, where taste artisanal ice-creams and cocktails.