Castellabate is an authentic center, UNESCO Heritage, which encloses alleyways, landmark mansions and connecting houses, stonework. The old town of Castellabate is awarded one of the five most beautiful burgs of Italy and is developed around the impressive Castello dell’Abate, built in 1123, to defend the citizens against the Saracen raids.  The construction of the great fortress, with that of the marina, helped to decorate and enrich the entire community. The access to the old town is entrusted to five doors. The main door is reachable to the San Costabile’s belvedere and offers an amazing panorama on Punta Licosa and on the little village of Santa Maria di Castellabate. The clock tower of Basilica di Santa Maria di Giulia boasts of great value. The marine area is composed by three beautiful locations, Santa Maria di Castellabate, San Marco di Castellabate and Ogliastro Marina. The charming medieval burg and the beauty of the marine area, backdropped the movie “Benvenuti al Sud”. The funny comedy is characterized by the presence of many citizens. The location’s choose is pretty accurate, considering the characteristics of the exclusive villages of the Costiera Cilentana, which offer wonderful landscapes. The movie tells about a Northern employer, who moves to Castellabate. After thousand of prejudices, Alberto discovers a new culture. One of the quotes of the movie is very meaningful: “When a tourist comes to South of Italy, he cries twice, once when he arrives and once when he leaves.”

Place to go and free time

The Parco Marino Protetto di Punta Licosa is one of the most beautiful fishing village of Italy. The name is connected to the legend of the mermaid Leucosia, who killed herself, by jumping off a cliff, because of Ulisse. Her body began the Isola di Licosa. The Parco Marino is a naturalistic oasis, composed by a virgin thousand-year-old pine forest and a crystal-clear waters, framed in wild caves. It’s the perfect place for subs and nature lovers. In front of the promontory, it rises the characteristic Isolotto di Licosa, where there are the remains of a lighthouse. In his waters, tourists could find the remains of a roman villa. The naturalistic area, covered by the Macchia Mediterranea, encloses the little village of Ogliastro Marina, hamlet of Castellabate. It’s also possible to take a boat trip, thanks to the presence of rental agencies like Masaniello Tourist.

Recommended restaurants

Castellabate is one of the example of the Dieta Mediterranea. Between the huge number of restaurants, on the territory, it’s essential to indicate Le Gatte and the pizzeria Da Nello, where it’s possible to taste great dishes and a wider range of pizzas, according to the typical traditional recipes. For who loves the wine and food gastronomy and the artisanal beer, it’s possible to taste the wonderful tastes of Il Vichingo. The cafés La Torretta and La Piazzetta are the procedural step, for who want to taste pastries and typical dishes. To call it night or to benefits from a great artisanal ice-creams in summer, don’t miss the Gelateria Artigianale Baffo.


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