The 10 most suggestive experiences

The 10 most suggestive experiences to absolutely live during a holiday in the Cilento National Park

Have you decided to spend a holiday in the Cilento National Park in Campania and fancy doing something different from the usual excursions? As good "Cilentani", we from CilentoKey know our territory and its beautiful landscapes of dream beaches and evocative panoramas well.

But if you want to experience the authentic Cilento, follow our tips and discover these 10 unique experiences not to be missed in the Park.



1. Sunset aperitivo

There are plenty of breathtaking locations to take pictures of the most beautiful Cilento sunsets ever. But if you want a good aperitivo, perhaps enjoying a good Cilento wine, surrounded by a suggestion of  colours and landscapes, we suggest one of these places


La Scogliera in Ascea Marina Restaurant, Lido and Bar

Fish restaurant at “la scogliera” beach in Ascea

Via Porticello, 84046 Ascea - Telephone: 0974 971517


Pioppi Caffè - Taste trails in Pioppi

0 Km Cilento cuisine from breakfast to dinner, with live music

Via Caracciolo 187/189, 84068 Pioppi - Telephone: 338 207 1067


Rocca Cilento Castle in Rocca Cilento

A charming historic residence with suites, restaurant and wedding hall

Via Sant’Anna, 84050 Rocca Cilento - Telephone: 366 336 5244


The Chalice Wine Bar in Paestum 

A meeting place for good drinking lovers, with a restaurant, live music, DJ sets and events

Via Magna Graecia 839, 84047 Paestum - Telephone: 342 182 3147



2. Visit to the buffalo farms

An interesting tour among the buffalo herds with a tasting of Cilento dairy products is the best way to learn how the area's famous mozzarella di bufala DOP cheese is produced.

For a walk in Cilento's gastronomic excellence traditions, we recommend


Tenuta Vannulo in Capaccio 

Not just a dairy farm, but top classe in transforming buffalo milk into many tasty products of the highest quality.

Via Galileo Galilei, 101, 84047 Capaccio Paestum - Telephone: 0828 724765


Tenuta Chirico in Ascea 

Silvia Chirico, Tenuta Chirico's owner, will guide guests on a journey to discover buffalos and techniques to process fresh cheeses.

Via Isacia 29, 84046 Ascea - Telephone: 0974 971584



3. A tour of the archaeological parks of Paestum and Velia

A guided tour of the archaeological parks of Paestum and Velia is just what you need to dive in the ancient history of Cilento. Two open-air museums where you can admire the ancient ruins and heritage of glorious populations.


Paestum Archaeological Park

The Paestum Archaeological Park includes a visit to the famous temples and to the National Archaeological Museum

Via Magna Graecia 917/919, 84047 Paestum - Telephone: 0828 811023


Ruins of Velia in Ascea

Elea, called Velia in Roman times, is an ancient polis of Magna Graecia, home of philosophers Parmenide and Zenone. The archaeological area allows visitors to admire what’ s left of the ancient 


Via Porta Rosa, 84046 Ascea - Telephone: 0974 271016



4. Adventure and Adrenalin at Gole del Calore (Calore River canyons)

From canyoning to canoeing, Gole del Calore offers everything you need for fun, relaxation and sport. You can regenerate in the coolness of centuries-old trees and in the clear waters of Calore river gorges, among the most impressive gorges in Europe, or go trekking and canyoning.

Località Remolino, 84055 Felitto - Telephone: 388 731 5531



5. Hiking experiences

Trekking lovers absolutely cannot miss out on a guided tour along the ancient roads and uncontaminated paths of  Cilento among nature, smells, colours and unique panoramas.

With experience and professionality, but most of all with love for its territory, Ereca Escursioni will allow you to immerse yourself in the mountains, hills and coastal resorts in the wildest and most uncontaminated side of the Cilento National Park, recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998.


Ereca Escursioni - Telephone: +39 347 1337550

6. Typical Cilento dinner

Whether by land or sea, a dinner based on the authentic products of Mediterranean diet (which originated in Pioppi in the Cilento region) and typical Cilento dishes is just what you need to enjoy the unique taste of this wonderful land.


A Casa di Delia in Pioppi

Madame Delia offers the gastronomic excellence of Mediterranean Diet as she was Ancel Keys’ housekeeper. This American scientist coined the term and promoted Mediterranean Diet’s values. 

Via Porto del Fico 15, 84068 Pioppi - Telephone: 377 310 8079


Suscettibile in Pioppi

Renowned family-owned seafood restaurant right by the sea that mixes Cilento traditions and modernity.

Via Giuseppe Ungaretti, 27, 84068 Pioppi - Telefono: 329 313 6478


La Scogliera in Ascea Marina

Restaurant directly on the sea specialising in fish cuisine

Via Porticello, 84046 Ascea - Telephone: 0974 971517


Rocca Cilento Castle Restaurant

The restaurant at Castello di Rocca Cilento offers Cilento products highlighted by the chef's creativity to provide refined and authentic taste experiences.

Via Sant'Anna, 84050 Rocca Cilento - Telephone: 366 336 5244


Dispensa Cibo autentico

The result of a territorial project created to valorise the ancient Cilento culinary traditions, Cibo Cilentano is an online storehouse of typical local products and dishes.

Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 84050 Rocca Cilento - Telephone: 327 577 1563



7. Cave Tours and Diving in Palinuro

A guided boat tour to discover the marvellous sea caves of Cape Palinuro is a must for those who choose this enchanting destination as their holiday destination.

The light and colour spectacles of the suggestive Grotta Azzurra and the tour to the other characteristic caves  will leave everyone breathless.


Some useful contacts for planning a trip to the caves of Capo Palinuro are:


Palinuro Blu by Alessandro

Alessandro and his team offerhiking trips, private tours and boat rentals.

Harbour Beach, 84051 Palinuro - Phone: 338 949 5288 - 347 654 0931



8. Boat trip and Lamparata in Marina di Camerota

The wonderful Protected Marine Area of the Costa degli Infreschi and Masseta from Marina di Camerota to Scario offers scenery of pure beauty among caves, coves and bays by crystal-clear waters. From Marina di Camerota’s port it is possible  to book boat trips with the characteristic Lamparata, the traditional Cilento night fishing where it is possible  to watch the fishing and to taste the catch prepared right on the beach under the stars.


For fans of fishing tourism and tours of Camerota's sea caves, we recommend contacting 


Cooperative Cilento Blu Camerota

To dive into the world of Cilento sea and fishing

Località Porto Turistico, 84059 Marina di Camerota - Telephone: 345 799 3932



9. Discovering Cilento craftsmen and typical activities

For those in the mood for shopping we recommend two shops where you can find top quality Cilento’s typical products and specialities.


Dispensa Cibo Autentico in Rocca Cilento

It deals in both the sale of typical products and typical tasting on reservation. Points of sale at:

La Dispensa Cibo Autentico – Rocca Cilento

Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 84050 Rocca Cilento - Telephone: 327 577 1563 - 

Trama Butcher's shop - Ascea

Via Porta Rosa, 84046 Ascea - Telephone: 0974 972433


Gelateria di Matteo in Torchiara

Where you can enjoy excellent homemade ice cream and Cilento pastries. Andrea Torre 13/15, 84076 Torchiara - Telephone: 0974 831012


Restaurant Castello di Rocca Cilento

Via Sant'Anna, 84050 Rocca Cilento - Phone: 366 336 5244



10. Flying over the Cilento

In Trentinara you can experience pure adrenalin while suspended in the air on the Cilento's most scenic zipline.  You can admire 360° sunsets and incredible scenery and contemplate the Gulf of Salerno, the Amalfi Coast, the island of Capri, the archaeological zone and the splendid waters of Paestum’s seaside. Try it to believe!


Cilento in Volo

Via Panoramica XII Luglio, 84070 Trentinara - Telephone: 0828 1897769

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